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I am a London based CX Designer, with Chilean and German nationality. My mission is to help organisations discover user needs and business opportunities, to deliver value to their people. I lead with a more holistic approach that allows organisations to become customer-obsessed and reignite growth.

My experience encompasses leading and managing Customer Experiences and Business Experiences as a Lead CX Designer in agencies, and as a Freelance as well. This has been developed over more than 10 years in agencies such as Dare-Oliver, Grey and Liquid Agency, in two personal startups and in university teaching.

My work is creative and analytic, but with a strong technical mind. I pride myself on owning excellent business acumen with fine strategic and commercial understanding, which I translate through high-performing design. I have extensive experience removing obstacles acquired by forming two startups in SaaS and the food industry. I have strong communications skills developed over ten years of university teaching.


I thrive in ambitious environments, empowering team collaboration and delivering exceptional experiences. I’m passionate about reframing problems, defining smart methodologies and embracing lean techniques to respond to customers’ new, often unmet and frequently changing needs and enable them to achieve their desired outcomes. All the way while supporting business goals and growing their leadership.

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